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Name:Riku Miyagusuku

Name:Riku Miyagusuku
Age: 14
Canon: Blood+ (manga)
Personality: Riku is a very kind-hearted boy, who trusts people too easily that its scary. He is highly against violence and dislikes fighting, he is a pacifist when it comes to things like that and usually does anything in his power that he possibly can to avoid it. Though, he does stand up for what he believes in, he does so without raising a hand to another person, and above all else he does not like to see bloodshed, be it family or even strangers. What makes him naive is the fact that he is very friendly, too friendly and that leads him to trouble. However, this is not to say that he hasn't fought before; when his siblings were in danger he steps in to protect them from getting hurt because he cares deeply for them and his family is very important to him.

Unlike most boys his age, Riku enjoys cooking and household things like cleaning and doting on others, especially his family, pretty much to the point that he can be seen as somewhat of a mother hen. Unlike his older siblings, Saya and Kai, Riku is the one who is more rational about things than the two of them, and usually wears a smile on his face like a little kid.

He's the type that can make friends quickly, and once he's comfortable enough with you, he's pretty much your friend for life and will do just about anything to look out for you and help because that's just the kind of person that he is. Unlike some cases, Riku is a good person, through and through and due to this he constantly seems to get caught up in dangerous situations, as seen by him getting kidnapped on more than one occasion.

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